Babysitter Terms & Conditions Agreement. 


HappyMinders acts as an introduction agency between you and the ‘client’.


1. You the Babysitter will provide babysitting services for your client.


2.  As this is a self-employed contract, the babysitter is not entitled to sick pay, holiday pay or any form of employment protection including Health & Safety by us.


3. The babysitter will be entitled to send a substitute or delegate at his/hers absolute discretion to undertake the services to be provided, although the Babysitter will be responsible for paying this substitute or delegate and for the quality of their work. In the event of the Babysitter being unable to carry out work and where requested by HappyMinders, the Babysitter is obliged to supply a substitute. We are happy to recommend a substitute if needed.


5HappyMinders will not control, nor have any right to control, in any detailed manner, how the Babysitter is to fulfil his/her obligations and the Babysitter will use his/her own initiative to complete the services to be rendered. This does not prevent HappyMinders from specifying the working standards to be adhered to.


7. HappyMinders will not set hours to be worked by the babysitter. The Babysitter can choose how and when to complete the services to be rendered so long as performance is satisfactory.


8. The Babysitter will be paid directly by the client at the recommended rate of £9.00 per hour.


9. The Babysitter will be able to benefit from his/her own efforts and sound management.


10. For the purposes of clarity, HappyMinders and the Babysitter consider and intend this business relationship to be one of self-employment and not one of master and servant. Specifically, both parties acknowledge that the Contract for Services does not give rise to a contract of employment. Both parties consider the Babysitter to be in business on his or her own account.


11. HappyMinders acts as an introduction to the you the Babysitter, not an employer. This therefore means the agency accepts no liability or responsibility for accidents, loss, damages, injuries or misconduc. You the Babysitter agree to exclude HappyMinders if any of the above were to happen.



12. The Babysitter is responsible for his/her own tax and National Insurance.


13. The Babysitter is responsible for maintaining public liability insurance.


14. The Babysitter is responsible for providing his/her clothing. 


15. The Babysitter will be responsible for correcting any defective work at his/her own cost.


16. Both parties acknowledge that the Contract for Services can be terminated at any time without notice. If you are found to contact the family directly for bookings, your registration with us will be terminated. The Babysitter is not under an on-going obligation to provide services and HappyMinders is not under an on-going obligation to contract for such services.


17. There is no restriction on the Babysitter working for third parties.



1.      When we are requested to find a suitable Babysitter by a ‘client’ we will telephone, text or email the Babysitter about the booking and it’s details. We will provide information about the booking to the Babysitter including the day, the booking times and any relevant information that may be important, this could include the number of children, pick up times and any behavioural issues as an example.  

2.      Once the Babysitter is happy with a booking we will then confirm this with the family and send over the family’s details to the Babysitter.

3.      If it is a new booking and the Babysitter has never worked for the Client before. We advise both the Client and Babysitter to have some form of communication before any Babysitting is commenced. This could include a phone call to a meet up beforehand.

4.      The Client pays the Babysitter and the end of every booking at the rate of £9.00 per hour.



1.  Any cancellations by the Babysitter must be before 12 hours of the booking.

2. If the Babysitter has cancelled more than 3 times their registration with HappyMinders will be terminated.

3. If the Babysitter did not turn up to a booking without informing us, their registration with HappyMinders will be terminated immediately.

4. If a Client cancels a booking, we will not be held responsible for any loss of money or expenses. We advise all Clients to cancel any bookings at least 24 hours before the booking time.  


These Conditions are subject to English law and any disputes arising under them will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Please would you confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions by signing and returning the attached copy of these Conditions.

I acknowledge and accept these Conditions Signed by

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